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Gray Reality – a Glimpse of Soldier’s innerself

Mar 2013 Edition Gray Reality

This sketch was dedicated to Martyrs across the globe by Rajat Sharma on 23rd March, 2013 – Martyr’s day.

Below is the description in words, which delayed release of this Edition –


Gray Reality – a Glimpse of Soldier’s inner-self


Air infused with smell of soil, water, blood, flesh, gunpowder and smoke hits the nostrils,

Thuds and Booms emitting sound and vibrations, snow under me gives fever and chills.

Somehow, I open my eyes, to a wide smokey, hazy, grey sky like an endless asbestos sheet.

Somehow, I collect energy from every corner of the thirsty body, to stand on my feet.


A bullet passes by, kisses my ear, whispers something in it, adding to my woes,

Reminded me that I am in agony, in apathy, I am incapable of countering the foes.

Had my half Dead body accepted that fierce flying piece of death…

My strong and fit brother, who took the bullet, wouldn’t have belonged to that wreath.


Crushing the ice sheets on the hill, I can see reinforcement coming, as I lay with glee.

From the burning horizon, I can see an air ambulance, inching towards me.

Being carried on brothers’ shoulders, like we danced together in good times,

Being dragged to the chopper, memories clinging to my head, like battlefield’s grimes.


Our brothers sleep in Graves on either side of the fence,

Our families’ Grief is unfathomable, Pain is immense.

For home-cooked food, for love, for affection, we crave,

Taste of blood, flavor of soil, give us strength and make us brave.


Real enemies are the Warmongers…

… hidden underneath the diplomatic bunkers.

Unimaginable is War’s ricochet,

Peace-talks, Summits are cliché.


Before Humanity and Love extinct from the planet, we have to stop this Barbarism,

One has to conquer – the greed of power, the hunger called Materialism.

So many sacrifices, so many deaths … will not go unnoticed, unseen, unspoken, unfelt.

Wake up your senses, it’s time to show the world, how O-N-E, L-O-V-E and P-E-A-C-E are spelt.


Rusted Invasion


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    June 19, 2013

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